Online casinos from Curacao massively in the hands of criminals

"Online casinos from Curacao massively in the hands of criminals"

Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian criminals are behind the casinos in Curaçao. This is what research platform Investico writes in an article about the gambling sector in Curaçao.

Unlike in other countries, gambling licenses in Curaçao are not issued by a government agency, but that responsibility lies with a handful of commercial, private companies. Read more about Curaçao in the article

Through sublicenses, there are now thousands of online casinos that officially have a license in Curaçao, but are hardly checked by any government agency.

Who the actual owners of those online casinos are, is usually not clear, according to Investico. "Through various constructions, the people who earn the big money often remain invisible," the article writes.

Research platform Investico, together with De Groene Amsterdammer and VPRO's Argos, investigated the situation surrounding the often criticized online casinos on the island.

Master licensee Cyberluck, one of the companies issuing licenses on the island, tried in vain to prevent the publication of the article, but that request was rejected by the court.

In the article (Russian owners behind Curaçao online casinos) Investico explains how attempts to change the legislation on Curaçao are thwarted.

The Caribbean island wants to shake up the current gambling law and license applications.

The new measures must put an end to the negative image of casinos with a license from Curaçao. There has also been pressure from the Netherlands for some time.

Former legislative lawyer of the Curaçao Ministry of General Affairs, John van Schendel, already tried to adjust the gambling law in the 90s, because it was not good according to him.

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