Different strategies in sports betting

Are bookmakers in profit? Of course. In this they are helped by players who come to bet on parimatch slots luck, on their favorite team to be more fun to watch, on a bet with a friend and for another 1000 unsystematic reasons. Gentlemen, it's time to remember: only "losers" who feed the bookies play without strategy. It's fun, at times pleasant, but in the end it is very painful and moneyless. We invite you to join the club of successful bookmakers, who count profit at a distance, not money until payday. All you need to do is to read our article carefully. Here are the best strategies for gambling in the sports betting.


The most working strategy, because of this unofficially banned by bookmakers. A fork is 2 bets on diametrically opposite outcomes of the same match in different betting shops. You don't even need to know about sports, the fork's main weapon is mathematics. And perseverance. Attention. Meticulousness. What to do if you have all of the above skills? It's simple: check the lines, looking for a fork. To do this, opposite events are used: TM 2.5/TB 2.5 in soccer or P1/P2 in basketball and tennis.

The strategy is based on formulas. The first one is used to find the fork: (1/K1 1/K2) < 1. K1 is the highest odds among all BCs on P1 (TB), K2 is similar on P2 (TM). If you have a good day and found a fork, distribute the amounts of bets in this strategy, called the leverage. Leverage is calculated by the formula: X/(B*K1) and X/(B*K2), where X is the total bank, B is the probability calculated when finding the fork, K1 and K2 are the odds on the events. That's all the math. Shall we calculate an example?

Looking at the basketball line, we find out that the victory of team #1 in the red BC is estimated at 1.4. In blue BC, the second team's win is priced at 4.48. Let's check the game for a fork: 1/4.48 1/1.4 = 0.223 0.714 = 0.937. The amount is less than one, now count the leverage, breaking the initial bank of 10,000 conventional units: leverage #1: 10,000/(0.937*4.48) = 2,380, leverage #2: 10,000/(0.937*1.4) = 7,620. The advanced betting on the Internet, and the old believers are running to bet 7,620 conventional units in the red office, and then go to the blue office and buy 2,380. All that remains is to wait for the result and find out your winnings. If team #2 surprises us, our net profit will be: 2380*4,48 - 10 000 = 662,4. If the favorite team wins, we will get 7,620*1.4 - 10,000 = 668.

The winnings will come to us in any case. Beauty, not a strategy. But bookmakers also know about it, they regularly identify the accounts of the forkists. Uneven betting amounts and forks, artificially created forks by the analysts of the BK help in this. Fall into one of the traps and the maximum on your account will be reduced to minuscule values. Making life difficult for the "poor wigglers" is also the difficulty of finding a bet. Work day should be spent on finding a single winning combination. And that is at best. Analytical departments of betting companies are getting better at analyzing events, tightening the "tie" around the neck of wagglers.

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