Bulletin board - we use efficiently

The bulletin board is able to help you find goods and services at a pleasant price or profitable realize your own. The whole secret is in competent feed. Thanks to her, your offer will pay attention to potential customers, instead of merging with thousands of similar things. Among the main rules, how to effectively use the bulletin boards ...

Create informative heading and message text

Psychologists claim that the modern user of the network is enough to be a quick glance and pairs of seconds to decide whether he will read a specific announcement. Your trump card is a headline that will mostly reflect the essence of the sentence and at the same time will fit in a few words. The same applies to the body of the message. Let the announcement board and make it possible to publish the real "sheet" in a couple of thousand characters, write briefly, concisely, in the case.

Little tricks:

- Optimize the title under the key request. Many people fall on the boards of free ads from the search engines by entering a certain phrase in the search field. Therefore, the announcement with the name "I rent an apartment, inexpensive, Petersburg" is more chances for success than "Hurry!", "Only now", "favorable offer." - Format text. Any more or less decent bulletin board provides users with a whole set of tools for making a message: special fonts, various shades, lists, underscores, etc. Do not neglect them to make an offer more pleasant to read.

Add photos

Whatever goods or services you offer, add the ads with an illustration - and the number of views will surely increase. Of course, if the service of cargo transportation is "progressing", with photos will not be accelerated. But here tangible things without snapshots to sell complicated.

Little trick:

- Creating photos for the bulletin board, do not overdo it. Too high quality and the more siphot-coated images are often perceived by visitors as a fake, "compressed" specifically for sale. Prefer the "live" pictures for which you can objectively assess the condition of the goods.

Be sure to indicate the price

Unsecured users of the bulletin board, issuing a message on the site, sometimes stubbornly ignore the field with the price / service. Say, scare buyers do not want, and who needs to be clarified. Alas, most potential customers in this case will simply be held by: why strain, if there are similar proposals for the reason?

- For many Internet shoppers, free classified ads online - the ability to save on the purchase of familiar things. Consider this moment when determining the price of the goods: decide how much you can give way to customers without much damage to profits and specify in the message that the bargain is appropriate. The result is an increase in sales number and increasing income! Find out best forex brokers with free bonuses in South Africa
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