Inventory of buildings. What about her to know about it?

Geodesic measurements performed within the framework of the work inventory are necessary for acceptance of the erected building and, therefore, the possibility of its use. Actions in this area also belong to all types of underground devices, which should be remembered before their backfill. What else should you know about geodesic inventory?

Construction and network measurements
The construction of the building on the land plot is the need for a plurality of concomitant work, the final stage of which is to carry out measurements of the geodesist in the framework of the so-called executive inventory. They allow you to determine if the object is made in accordance with the project assumptions. However, the geodesic inventory as built not only to buildings is also taken into account connectivity to the technical infrastructure.

The location of plumbing, gas, telecommunication, thermal and sewage connections on Earth is also an element of inventory documentation. This also applies to septicists and wells that were made on a certain plot of land. It is worth remembering that the inventory of the engineering network requires measurements before their backfill.

Geodesic and cartographic documentation after inventory
Geodesic measurements in the part of the executive inventory allow you to obtain current data on the spatial distribution of objects on the site. This, in turn, allows you to prepare an updated version of the basic card. Such a geodesic and cartographic study clearly shows the completed investment, which makes it possible to assess their compliance with project assumptions.

Then the map is sent as the head of construction and the owner of the building. Complete inventory documentation must be provided in the department of geodesic and cartographic documentation. This is a key element in the application for a solution that resolves the use of the erected building. As it turned out, a geodesic inventory is an extremely important part of the investment. It should be remembered about the average time of measurement and related documentation. Works in this area conducted by the surveyor, usually last from a dozen to several dozen days, which depends, among other things, from the number of items necessary for inclusion in the inventory. Best software real reviews on . We collect all reviews around the world and put them into 1 source!
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