Parimatch: Basic rules, terminology that every player should know

Parimatch is a trend-setting company among bookmakers, which sets its own rules of betting acceptance.

The rules of the main types of betting

When making a bet with parimatch mirror betting, you need to know that the rules are not often, but may change. Mostly it concerns the minimum size of the bet amount. The main aspects that need to be studied before you start playing are:

  • You can play when you are of legal age;
  • The minimum bet amount is from 0.1$;
  • A bet is considered accepted if it has passed the registration in the server.

The last point means that clicking on the button to place a bet does not mean that the bet is registered automatically. The coupon of the registered bet appears in the personal cabinet after the bet registration.

Rules for accepting LIVE bets

The rules for accepting the main types of bets are different from the rules for betting in LIVE mode. In a particular case, odds change very quickly, as well as:

  • It is possible to make live bets in expresses;
  • B/k declines any responsibility for the inaccuracy of the results;
  • The minimum bet amount is from $0.1.

So, the bet may be recalculated at the odds equal to one at any time. Or corrected to the player's side, if a mistake was made.

Rules of calculating bets with payouts

The rules about the calculation of bets with payouts help to win back from Parimatch. The betting company is a loyal bookmaker; therefore even if the client doesn't agree with the amount of winnings, betting company accepts and considers complaints through its customer support service. The company may not pay winnings up to thirty days inclusive. Such terms are established for checks in case if the player was suspected of fraudulent actions or any tricks.


Parimatch terms are similar to most other bookmakers. The main term is betting, which literally means the agreement made by the bookmaker's office with the user. Betting takes the form of accepting bets on the terms prescribed by the bookmaker, to which the player agrees. Outcome. The outcome is the result obtained in the course of a particular event, on which the bet was made, the bet was placed. Line. The line is commonly called the totality between all possible outcomes, odds, time when the game started and its date. The line, on which the bet is placed, is represented by the company. Cancellation. This is a bet that has been canceled for a number of reasons. That is, a previously made bet at odds of one between b/c the player did not work out.

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