Variety of prints of wallpaper

Wallpapers perform a special role in decorating the premises. Of the main advantages it can be noted that this material of the finish is ready for use, it does not require subsequent work, they should only be glued. It is also worth noting a huge variety of this decorative room decoration.

Traditional is the wallpaper on a paper basis. But what is swinging other species, then professionals highlight PVC wallpaper, from textiles in which the base of paper, and the outer layer of the fabric. In this article, consider the variety of options for obtaining, namely print options for some types of wallpaper.

The usual way of applying drawing

Most wallpapers acquire a finished look when the drawing appeared on them. But today there are several types of printing on this material, namely: high printing, full, deep, close, stencil, and many others, including ultraviolet. Wallpapers are made on special printing machines. Developing, technical thought became more complicated, and therefore, the methods and print options were complicated, providing each of them to satisfy their aesthetic needs. Traditional is considered to print wallpapers on the principle of phototypes. The name of this method goes to the name of the substance that is used for printing. At the same time, rolls that apply a drawing directly on paper are made of wood. After the manufacturer of the matrix, actually, the original pattern, it is placed on the roller. The rest of the surface of the roll and the matrix is ​​performed from the felt. But, if the picture has a few shades of color, then for each color it is applied its roll with its drawing.

Offset printing

A more complex, but also a better way of printing is offset. In this case, the method of printing, those parts of the machine that do not perform any role are pounded into the rubber roller. Paints that are used in this printing option contain a solvent, can be used to obtain a glazed surface. At the same time, the drawing can be obtained by multi-colored containing many shades, on the principle of mixing paints. This method of printing is used to obtain, both paper wallpapers and vinyl, fliesline and textile. However, this method of printing, exactly, as traditional, is currently finding a fairly limited application on the wallpaper market.

Also exists and, the so-called deep seal.

Metallographic printing today is widely used for printing photo arts on the principle of printing glossy magazines, which means high quality. To do this, a copy is removed from the picture, translated into an accurate linear raster image, and then translated into the printing cylinder. In turn, raster points, draw on paper. Image. Printing occurs with layering, which allows you to get a softest transition of color hammes than with other types of printing. This method of printing has proven itself in the manufacture of paper, plastic, metal and photo wallpaper. This option is applied quite wide. Find out how CRM for SaaS works.
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