Slumps in sports betting

Overload in parimatch win betting - the effect of cash flow on the odds of opposite outcomes of an event. Because of the overload bookmakers are forced to reduce the odds on one outcome and raise the odds on the opposite one.

Overloading is an effective and legitimate way to make a profit on an even ground: you can bet on the same outcome of events, as other bookmakers, but with higher odds. However, to do this, you need to know when you need to bet immediately after the match appears on the line, and in what cases, minutes before the start of the meeting.

For instance, during the Los Angeles Lakers - Miami Heat basketball game, the bookies gave odds of 1.94 for the total points over 212.5 and for the total points under 212.5 - 1.90. Due to the big money flow on the draw the bookmakers had to adjust the line so that the opposite outcome would also make money: 2.25 for TB (212.5) and 1.62 for TM (212.5).

Types of overloads in sports betting

  • Spontaneous - betting on the obvious favorite. Suppose, for example, in a soccer match between Barcelona and Malaga, all the handlers are sure in the victory of the first team, and almost all the cash flow is directed to the victory of the Catalan club. The bookmaker is not happy with this, and he can lower the odds on Barcelona from 1.25 to 1.12, but on the opposite outcome, that is the victory of Malaga, the odds can soar a lot - for example, from 10 to 16.
  • Organized - bets based on leaks about a rigged match or a forecast by a well-known personality (an expert, a professional trader). Suppose, in the hockey match "Ak Bars" - "Salavat Yulaev" respected caper/expert advised to bet on F1 (-1.5), and customers of the bookmaker's office massively follow this advice.
  • Geoproload - betting on "their", for example, the national team of their country or their favorite club. Any experienced trader will tell you that you can't charge on a team by preference, because you will always exaggerate its strength. For example, in a Champions League match between Zenit and Schalke, most Russians will bet on a win for the Russian team.

Other reasons for changing quotes before the match

Proloading is not the only reason for a bookmaker to change the odds before a game. It can also be caused by the following factors:

  • A player on one of the teams is disqualified or injured;
  • A coach has not released one or more team leaders in the starting lineup;
  • The match was moved to another city, it will be held without an audience, etc.

Betting on a favorite

Suppose the favorite plays at home and puts the second squad to play. In this case the line on guests will be loaded and we have to wait for the moment, when the bookmaker gives odds 1.50 or higher on the outcome of 1X (win or draw of the first team).

Example: the odds on 1X after the uploading has increased from 1.20 to 1.60. By placing a bet a few days before the match, your winnings would only be $600: $500 x 1.20. And before the match, $800: 500 х 1.60.


When it comes to sports betting, it is possible to use overloads to your advantage. You just need to learn how to assess where the players will direct the cash flow. If the line will be overloaded and you want to bet on the opposite outcome, then you just need to wait and place a bet 5-10 minutes before the match at a higher odds.

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