Content of the bat at home

A bat is not quite an ordinary pet, so leaving as a dog or cat does not suit it. But what to do if you still want to start such a pet? The article will help to figure it out and decide completely.

Cons of bats of bats

In general, zoologists do not advise holding this animal in the apartment, since bats are not adapted to home conditions and almost do not get along with other pets. These mobile winged predators have teeth and rather sharp claws, so if there are small children in the house, grabbing everything that moves, bites and wounds cannot be avoided.
Also, there will be quite a lot of dirt from such an animal, because bats have the habit of celebrating the need right while driving (curtains and floor need to be secured with something). At night, they are active - if the owner has a sensitive dream, most likely he will experience constant discomfort.

The content of a bat in a private house somewhere in the village can be considered a more or less suitable option. The aviary should be large and spacious, since in the natural environment they love to fly. You can have a bat, just catching it in the wild, but such an individual is difficult to tame-it is unlikely that it will consider a person as its master and, perhaps, will be a carrier of any disease. Still, it is better to buy a pet in a pet store. They live up to 30 years.

Feeding and other features

Bat feeding is quite troublesome, not all pet stores are sold special mixtures.
The usual diet of this animal includes:
- worms;
- cockroaches;
- beetles;
- larvae;
- meat puree;
- Various mixtures.

If the bat is quite large, it can eat small birds.

A single portion depends on the size of the pet. The feeding time should be the same every day: closer to night, at eleven or twelve hours. On average, the mouse eats up to 15 worms and a couple of beetles at a time. After feeding in the room, it is necessary to raise the temperature, the minimum is 30 degrees Celsius. The reason for this necessity is that in the cold room, food in the mouse stomach is digested poorly, this can lead to poisoning and death.

Do not forget that in nature these predators are always no longer eating, which means they do not know measures. It is necessary to adjust the amount of food received, otherwise the mouse will eat everything that will happen and will die again. Kids give milk and mixes through pipettes. In order for a bat to start to eat, you need to take it in your arms and bring a treat to the face. Soon she will grab him. Sometimes an animal can begin to run away in attempts to hide with its food.

Drink bats a lot - they need three minimum drinks and water should be constantly changed.


After taming, these animals show their affectionate character. They love to sit in their arms and when they are stroked. In addition, they are quite smart and curious. Of course, not like dogs, but you can’t call them stupid at all. They can sleep in the hair - here a person should not relax and forget about the habit of mice often empty the intestines. House cleaning business CRM .
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