The most diverse and attractive option for betting on soccer

What is the total in soccer betting

Total in soccer is a bet on the number of any productive events that occurred during the entire match or a certain period of time, for example, in the first or second half. Bets on bookmaker parimatch the total in soccer can be made on the number of goals, corners, yellow cards. You can bet on the total less and total more. To pass a bet on TM, the productive events should occur more than a specified number, respectively, TL will play if there are less.

Rather popular bets on the total in soccer in play. Experienced bettors use a variety of strategies to make successful deals on the total in live. Some make successful expresses based on the events on the field, combine different options to win at any outcome.

How the total counts

Consider some simple examples to understand the rules for calculating the whole and fractional TM and TL:

  • If you bet a thousand dollars on the TM 1.5 with a quotation of 1.8, and during the match will be scored at least two goals, the bettor will receive a maximum payout of $ 1800. In all other cases the bet will be lost.
  • If $1,000 is bet on TL 2 with a quotation of 2.3, the maximum payout will be awarded if the result of the match is one goal or no goals scored. Two goals will return the bet, and three will result in a loss.
  • A thousand dollars wagered on a TM 2.75 with odds of 3.0 will be divided into two bets in half: TM 2.5 and TM 3. If the teams jointly score at least four goals, the bet will win in full and bring three thousand wins. In the case of three goals, only one half will be played and a return will be made on the second half, the total winnings will be two thousand. A match with the result of two goals or less is a loss for the bettor.

For individual totals, bets are calculated similarly, but on the indicators of one club or a particular player.

Strategies of betting on the total in soccer

Total and handicap in soccer betting will bring big winnings through the use of proven strategies. One of the most effective among them is the express total. The bettor should choose two matches with approximately the same quotes, not less than 1.74 and bet on TL 2.5 and TM 2.5, making expresses:

  • Total 2.5 more in both matches;
  • Total more than 2.5 and total less than 2.5;
  • Total less than 2.5 and total more than 2.5.

The same amounts are determined for three expresses, and since each of them will have the odds higher than 3.0, any of them will be profitable. You can only lose money on a TL of 2.5 for both matches.

It is possible to bet on the total with a longshot. For this purpose, a team that has played several matches in a row with a TL of 2.5 will be suitable. At the same time quotes on the TM 2.5 should be more than 2. Stake a maximum of 2% of the bankroll on the TM 2.5 and double the bet after each loss. The profit after a match with three or more goals will outweigh the cost and bring a plus.

Total is the most interesting type of soccer prediction. The right choice of event and outcome will ensure the pleasure of watching a dynamic game and big payouts.

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