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Golf betting strategy: the role of luck

Randomness has a direct impact on the outcome of all individual sporting events, but in golf it is most pronounced, although some might argue that the results of baseball Parimatch company betting depend most on luck. The famous cheat and gambler Titanic Thompson said the following well about it: "In poker, billiards, and craps, you have to worry about your own game and the game of your opponents. In golf, you also have to worry about the weather.

Of course, weather is only one of the many factors that make predicting golf results difficult. But luck has a huge impact on the outcome of a bet on this sport.

There is a general rule for all sports: the greater the number of interacting elements (say, the effect of weather on soccer results), the harder it is to predict the outcome of the game. After learning how to place golf bets, bettors must learn to take the following factors into account:

  • Golf is an outdoor game and therefore is highly dependent on the weather, which can be unpredictable at times.
  • Major tournaments are played over four days, and there is no consistency in the order in which the games begin. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the playing conditions will be the same for all participants.
  • The golf course covers a huge area with a variety of surface types.
  • The locations of the holes on the putting green (which is where golfers aim) change every round.
  • The number of possible winners of the competition is enormous compared to other betting markets.
  • The scoring system in 72-hole tournaments is such that, despite good scores on the 71 holes, a player can lose if he does not get through the last hole quickly.

Because of so many variables that can affect a golfer's score, it is no surprise that golf betting odds are very high. In addition, of the players who dominate the PGA and European Tour standings, very few, 28 of the 43 winners of the last major tournaments did not meet conventional standards. In other words, the known outsiders have won far more often than one would expect.

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